Sunday, April 22, 2007

Protesters start encampment at 11th & D

Yesterday afternoon, activists from the Arcata People Project established an encampment on a lawn at 11th and D streets, next to the old Arcata Community Center. Avery Jenkins said " We're trying to reclaim common spaces and create awareness about the issue of homelessness in the country and the fact that folks just don't have a place to sleep and be safe." About thirty people spent a rainy Saturday night sleeping there in tents and under tarps. Many other people stopped by offering support. At the beginning of the protest, Ranger Bob Murphy of the Arcata Police Department had the protester's porta-potty removed. The People Project is a coalition of students, concerned citizens and houseless people, that are trying to generate support for a free, ecologically sustainable campground.

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Raspberry said...

This treatment is Torture, What is this kind of treatment to lead to?
Thank You for standing up for Human Rights