Sunday, April 29, 2007

Protest Encampment Rises Again at 14th & Union

The People Project protest encampment was reestablished yesterday afternoon at 14th & Union Streets in Arcata, at the entrance to Redwood Park. Police have been coming by frequently, warning of possible citations or arrests, shining spotlights and filming. They came at about 2:30am and 4:30am, making sleep difficult. If anyone in the community can come out and provide support for any amount of time it would be very helpful and much appreciated. Also the People Project has a new website at


Anonymous said...

While there is plenty of compassion for those who are homeless- this particular group appear to be people who are under the assumption that if they camp somewhere, food, water, shelter, and sanitation will be provided for them.

By working and paying taxes, these things can be obtained. If someone chooses not to participate in society by doing these things, then society has NO obligation to help them. In a perfect world, resources might be freely available. But not here, not now.

Forest Defender said...

So I suppose we don't have to pay attention to any thing Jesus said , because it only applies to someone else that's living in a perfect world. If you would get to know these people you would see that it is you that have a problem with assuming things. This comment is just so cliche. So if everyone just works for the corporations, gives up their constitutional rights, and lets Buch decide everything for everyone -then everything will be allright?

Anonymous said...

Actually, bringing Jesus into this is cliche'-
I DO know some of these people.
I DO have compassion. Im just saying as long as they appear to be capable of working (most are), they will get NOWHERE with these actions.
'Work' means 'working for corporations'?????
Now it is you who assume.
It comes down to: They want something for nothing. They have to come to the table with a better plan than so far offered.
But the city of Arcata owes them nothing! That might suck, but it is also true.

Anonymous said...

I have had the chance to experience both sides of the coin. I am a single parent working my ass off just to pay the bills. These bill are only here because I choose to live this Southern California life-style of "the more shit I accumulate the better I think I feel" attitude. I spent ONE eyeopening summer in Arcata with some fellow friends, and felt an overwhelming sense of peace and love. I think Arcta the the people of Arcata have it right. Most people get stuck in societies rat race and forget about what life is really about. Bills and taxes just to see my son being raised by childcare. So I can pay the fucking rent and taxes. When I do have time Im so tired from working, I have little time to enjoy life and my son. SO you tell me who is right.


Anonymous said...

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