Monday, April 30, 2007

People Project to Rally and March Tomorrow

The People Project will be breaking down their encampment at 14th & Union tomorrow morning in preparation for a rally in the afternoon. After the rally, protesters will begin a march that will end at City Hall, where many of them plan to speak to the City Council at their regularly scheduled Wednesday meeting. The People Project is demanding an end to the criminalization to homelessness and the return of their property that was taken in last Wednesday's raid. Activists also plan to raise concerns about police conduct during the raid. The People Project is also planning to hold a press conference on Thursday. The group will be putting out a press release soon, with more information.


Test said...

if you are going to type things, you should at least learn how to spell. Ignorance does seem to be your groups strong point.

Raspberry said...

Sometimes it's difficult when "Peace officers" are yanking on your personal effects.

Peace and Power to the People

Anonymous said...
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