Friday, May 30, 2008

Congressman Thompson Visits Arcata

Congressman Mike Thompson was in Arcata today, listening to people's concerns about the economy. He made a visit to the Consumer Credit Counseling office on 11th Street. I asked him what he was there for and he said "I'm here to listen."

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kinetic Grand Championship 2008

Here are some photos and a video that I took at the start of the 40th annual kinetic sculpture race in Arcata. More photos of the kinetic sculptures on my flickr photostream.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Medical Marijuana Patient Tells Story to Council

Here is a video from last nights City Council meeting where medical marijuana advocates expressed concern over the city's land use policy.

National Champions

I took this photo of the Humboldt State University Womens Softball Team in front of City Hall. They recently won the national championship.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Third District Candidates Debate

Last night, candidates for Third District County Supervisor answered questions at the Veterans Memorial Building in Arcata. Candidates Mark Lovelace, Paul Pitino, and Bryan Plumley participated in the Forum that was sponsored by The Arcata Eye, KHSU, and the Arcata Chamber of Commerce. Lovelace raised the issues of integrity and consistency as an issue that ought to be addressed. Mark's campaign manager told me that the remark was an allusion to Plumley giving different responses depending on what group he was talking to. Pitino put emphasis on the issue of campaign finance reform, noting that he has refused to take contributions and endorsements, has not put up signs, and has spent only $200 so far. Plumley said that he might be the only solar powered stockbroker, but Lovelace noted that Bryan had nothing to do with the solar panels being installed on the building where Plumley's business is located. Lovelace and Pitino agreed on many issues whereas Plumley takes a more conservative, pro-growth position. The General plan update is an example with Mark and Paul favoring option A, and Bryan supporting option B. Among the topics covered were: trails, port development, climate change, jobs, HSU growth, and homelessness. To stop global warming Lovelace called for walkable communities, Pitano for a better bus system, and Plumley for green building standards. More debate videos are at

Monday, May 12, 2008

Letter Delivered to Bob Snyder

Sixty to seventy concerned students and community members delivered a letter to Bob Snyder, Provost of Academic Affairs at Humboldt State University. The letter expresses support for the reappointment of Dr. Manuel "Manolo" Callahan to a sixth year in the Ethnic Studies program at HSU. Supporters of Callahan believe his reappointment is in jeopardy because of political considerations. An email from activists says:

"We believe that due to his political work, inherent in the engaging, creative and challenging ways he teaches Ethnic Studies, Manolo is being racially and politically profiled. Manolo consistently provides support, insight, and empowerment to students of color and other marginalized community. He is a source of significant resources and inspiration, playing an important role as mentor, strategist, and comrade. He is active and inspiring both on campus and in the larger community, facilitating seminars and events for a wide range of groups to learn, connect, share, and actualize our collective strengths.

His political and community engagement on and off campus transcend "classroom teaching" reinforcing local, state, national, and transnational struggles for dignity. While HSU espouses "community service" Manolo's community activities – because they at times critique the role of HSU in perpetuating physical as well as symbolic violence - has been unjustly treated by some of his colleagues and administrators at HSU as a threat. Because of this, the HSU administration tries to undermine Manolo's authority as a scholar on race.

We will not remain silent about this bureaucratic attack that threatens Manolo's future and the critical work he does in our communities."

Bomb Scare Update

A large area of the campus is still closed off. Several Sheriff's deputies have arrived on the scene. I heard that two suspicious packages were found taped in two buildings with some kind of written message threatening destruction. Because it is finals week, the bomb scare is causing considerable disruption.

Breaking News!

I am at HSU right now where 8 or 9 buildings are closed due to a bomb threat and many finals canceled. Meanwhile over 60 students and community members are crowded into the President's office trying to deliver a letter in support of an ethnic studies teacher. I'll post more soon.

Friday, May 9, 2008

McKinney Says Alternative Media is Important

Green Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney spoke tonight at the Kate Buchanan Room at HSU. The former Congressperson spoke about her recent experiences in Mexico, globalization, electoral fraud, and the shortcomings of the corporate media. McKinney said "We have to go outside of the corporate media to inform ourselves." She said that by controlling the information people receive, the corporate media controls the way we vote and therefore controls the public policy results. McKinney served six terms in Congress as a representative from Georgia. Also speaking at the event were Carol Wolman, Green candidate for Congress in the First District, and Paul Pitino, Green candidate for County Supervisor in the Third District.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Local Tree Village Still Going Strong

The Fern Gully Tree Village in Freshwater is still going strong after all these years, and is now famous in Europe thanks to a German television crew's recent visit. The German film clip can be viewed at

Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day Protests

Today, a series of protests began with Arcata Food Not Bombs serving a vegan meal on the Plaza. They were soon joined by the Infernal Noise Brigade creating various sounds of disruption. Members of the Industrial Workers of the World bicycled in a critical mass to Sun Valley Floral Farm and then to Burger King in Eureka. At the same time, the Infernal Noise Brigade marched from the Plaza to the HSU Quad where they met up with Humboldt United Students Against Sweatshops (HUSAS) . Together, they then marched up to President Rollin Richmond's office to deliver a petition demanding no more sweatshop labor products at HSU. The students want Richmond to endorse the Designated Suppliers Program, which promotes living wages and freedom of association. More information can be found at