Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Third District Candidates Debate

Last night, candidates for Third District County Supervisor answered questions at the Veterans Memorial Building in Arcata. Candidates Mark Lovelace, Paul Pitino, and Bryan Plumley participated in the Forum that was sponsored by The Arcata Eye, KHSU, and the Arcata Chamber of Commerce. Lovelace raised the issues of integrity and consistency as an issue that ought to be addressed. Mark's campaign manager told me that the remark was an allusion to Plumley giving different responses depending on what group he was talking to. Pitino put emphasis on the issue of campaign finance reform, noting that he has refused to take contributions and endorsements, has not put up signs, and has spent only $200 so far. Plumley said that he might be the only solar powered stockbroker, but Lovelace noted that Bryan had nothing to do with the solar panels being installed on the building where Plumley's business is located. Lovelace and Pitino agreed on many issues whereas Plumley takes a more conservative, pro-growth position. The General plan update is an example with Mark and Paul favoring option A, and Bryan supporting option B. Among the topics covered were: trails, port development, climate change, jobs, HSU growth, and homelessness. To stop global warming Lovelace called for walkable communities, Pitano for a better bus system, and Plumley for green building standards. More debate videos are at

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