Saturday, April 14, 2007

Baridi Night

Last night I went to Baridi Night At the Redwood Peace & Justice Center. There was druming, a refugee meal of beans and cornmeal, and a showing of the documentary film "The Invisible Children". This excellent and moving film depicted the struggle and suffering of children in Uganda, who fear being abducted by the Lord"s Resistance Army, and be forced to fight in that country's civil war. After that, Eric Verprauskus spoke about the refugee camps in Zambia, which he visited last year. For more info visit

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JLamers6582 said...

I was also at this event and it touched on some really strong issues that aren't well publicized. It is easy to forget about others living in such horrible conditions as a privileged American. is also a great resource to check out. Keep up the good work Eric!