Thursday, April 26, 2007

Protest Encampment Continues at City Hall

The People Project encampment that began last Saturday is still going strong but has moved to the lawn in front of The Arcata City Hall, where they intend to stay until the city gives back the property siezed by the police in Wednesday's raid. Citizens have been extremely generous and supportive. Ten pizza's were just delivered to the camp. The city's press release says citizens are angry and complaining about the camp. I see more that are angry at the city and Mayor Groves. I hope they hold her accountable if she runs for re-election. The city's press release states that on April 23the police warned the group of a violation and told them to vacate by sunset. This is a complete lie. I was there and never heard anything of it. I still can't find anyone who was told anything like that. The whole document is full of blatant lies. Mayor Harmony Groves should find out who is responsible and fire them. If not citizens should demand that the mayor resign. How can any citizen ever believe anything the city says again?

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