Monday, April 23, 2007

Encampment Protest Grows

More tents have gone up at the People Project encampment protest, as more houseless people hear about it and decide to join the camp. Yesterday afternoon, Arcata City Councilman Paul Pitino stopped by to see the protest and talk with the activists. This morning someone hung a banner above the 101 freeway that said "It's a crime to sleep outside. Is that alright with you?".


Anonymous said...

so the encampment grows , will you be there? how far away are you to homelessness? Tell me how. Lets do it .

Tripin' drifter said...

I'll be there! You folks in Arcata know how to tackle tough problems, and not by trying to set up things "through city's bullsh*tty bureaucracy",
I have to say I salute "The People Project" and their supporters.
I saw the papers and they have really lied to the public!