Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Police Raid Camp: 18 Arrested

This morning , shortly after 6am, police from multiple agencies raided the protest encampment at 11th and D Streets. About 16 protesters sat in a circle, locking arms. A large crowd formed across the street. About 20 of those locked arms and chanted. A girl was arrested at about 8:45, when she approached the police and started talking to them. Then police began to pull protesters from the circle and drag them to a van. One handcuffed protester went into a seizure, while police held him face down on the street. The crowd was disturbed by the police conduct, leading at least one onlooker to cross the street and get arrested. A press release put out by the city appears to be full of distortions and incorrect assertions. I am outraged by their dishonesty, and will write more later, but have little time now, as I have to get to a meeting. It seems clear to me their message is that they will lie in order to deprive people of their constitutional rights. Here is a link for more photos: My Picasa web album

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