Sunday, October 2, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Comes to Humboldt

A protest encampment at the HSU is entering it's second night at the lawn below the Art quad. Earlier in the day Occupy Humboldt and Occupy Arcata marched on the Arcata Plaza in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protests that started three weeks ago in New York and have since spread nationwide.

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YOU won’t find much about the protests in the mainstream media news and especially here in Humboldt, some of whom were characterizing the protesters as “young and misguided,” “unclear and unfocused,” “dirty and unkempt,” and “behaving like spoiled brats.” Some working on Wall Street were quoted as saying they were “confused” by the protesters’ intentions or direction.

OK HUMBOLDT, let's see what happens nationally on Wednesday, October 5th, during the Occupy Wall Street protests. Despite the negative portrayals, here’s what’s on tap:

THE 4:30 p.m. march from City Hall to Wall Street is expected to be the biggest and largest march of all. Several unions have endorsed their support marching for the cause Wednesday: the New York United Federation of Teachers with a membership of 200,000; the New York Amalgamated Transit Union having 20,000 members; and the Transport Workers Union Local 100.

ADDITIONALLY, 2,231 other individuals have signed up to march with the participating labor and community organizations that include the Coalition for the Homeless, Working Families Party,, The Job Party, Communication Workers of America, United Auto Workers, Writers Guild East, Greater NYC for Change, and many more.

JOHN Samuelsen, president of the local transit workers union, filed for a federal injunction to stop the city and NYPD from commandeering city buses to transport arrested protesters. The injunction, however, was denied by a Federal District judge several hours ago.

SIMILAR demonstrations are popping up in Boston, Atlanta, Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, and… well, Boise? Meanwhile, activists have begun organizing outside the Prague, Frankfurt, Toronto, Melbourne, Tokyo, and Cork, Ireland. More than 1,000 people signed up to march on the London Stock Exchange this Saturday.

TWICE a day, the New York Occupy Wall Street movement is getting so much mail that protesters had to designate an official "mailman." Well-wishers and kindred spirits from across the country have been sending cardboard boxes bearing food, medical supplies, clothes and blankets to the masses who have been camped out since Sept. 14. The encampment now feeds and shelters hundreds of people each day and has a kitchen, a library, zones for first aid and sleeping - not to mention a committee putting out the trash. It’s reported the occupiers have plenty of food-- but supplies such as sleeping bags are running low.

WEDNESDAY’S march has the potential to be massive. Another day, another protest?