Sunday, October 16, 2011

24 Hour Occupation of Arcata Plaza

Last night at least 25 people camped on the Arcata Plaza, as part of the global Occupy Movement that was inspired by Occupy Wall Street in New York. There is a general assembly planned for today at 5 pm.


Charles Douglas said...

Are they going to be occupying Arcata City Hall on Wednesday?

Anonymous said...

why are they occupying the plaza? as far as i can tell the majority of the occupy groups are occupying spaces that are some how affiliated with large corporations/governmant/banks. by occupying the plaza these people are only interrupting farmers market and creating an eyesore for families who simply want to enjoy a nice day on the plaza in our beautiful city. from the looks of the encampment it is a few working class citizens and a whole lot of transients who contribute nothing to the local economy or community. as much as i hate corporate greed and government corruption i cant say i support the way the occupy arcata movement is being handled. for one, their only online presence is on facebook and the only contributor is this trish woman who has filled the entire page with her own personal opinions and agenda. i'm not sure what their point is, or when they will be forced to leave but i hope it is soon as i would love to be able to enjoy the plaza with my children again without having to feel as though i am in the middle of a transient camp, which is essentially all the way "occupy arcata" encampment is.