Tuesday, April 20, 2010

420 Fest in Redwood Park

The turnout was smaller, due to rain, at this year's annual celebration of cannabis culture. Police and the City Manager seemed to do more to discourage the unpermited festival than in previous years, but it was the steady rain all day that kept the attendance down. Still, the people that showed up seemed to be enjoying the event.


Anonymous said...

Shouting and drumming, they prove their superiority over us, the working people. They transcend our mundane worldview. They lead. We must, obediently, follow.

Woo Hoo! Woooo!

Anonymous said...

It's good to see all the low life loser type people all in one place to bad that most, including the dumbass owner of this site, call them selves environmentalist, yet yet ruin a perfect healthy forest by illegally camping in it and trampling all the plants. Idoits get out of arcata REatrds Get out of The Forest, losers

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Ryan said...

Its a fact that whoever anonymous is is incorrect. You see, i too am a working person and i was there with my drum, the video proves it. As to where i was camping, patricks point, which by the way has a $35 fee that would be hard for a "low life loser type" person to pay, was beautiful. But i guess you would never get to see that if you never trampled a couple plants. Now dont get me wrong im no plant trampler, but whos the idiot? The person who can spell reTArd or the person who cant?

Anonymous said...

I love to keep up with the events in Arcata. Never been there, didn't know it existed. I happened to stumble onto your blog and now I check on Arcata periodically through your blog and by reading the Arcata Eye. Latley, more from the Eye than your blog. Apparently, you're such a stoner that you have not updated your blog since 4/20. If I ever won the lotto, I would buy a small house in Arcata. I stay for about 1 week every 6 months just for the change of pace. Seems like such a different planet than my surroundings here in Houston.

Anonymous said...

How can a bunch of "OLS DRUNK NICOTINE ADDICTS" pass judgement on marijuana??