Friday, July 16, 2010

All Assistance for the Homeless to End

Staff members at the North Coast Resource Center informed their clients today, that all services for the homeless will be stopped due to lack of funding. There will be no more showers for seniors and disabled, no more mail services and case management. Also after two more community lunches next week, there will be no more lunches. It seems the only service that will still be provided is food boxes for housed people that can show proof of residence. Previously the NCRC (still known to many as The Endeavor) had indicated that the lunch program would be expanded from two days a week to three, starting with the new fiscal year in July. Apparently the expected funding did not come through, and now the most needy will be left with nothing. Years ago, when they first opened, they served lunch five days a week and offered shower and laundry services to all those who were in need.