Sunday, June 17, 2007

Activists Protest Against Immigration Arrests

Yesterday at the Arcata Oyster Festival, local activists protested against recent arrests of undocumented people in Humboldt County. The protesters performed skits, passed out flyers and held signs. The criminalization of homelessness was also being protested.


Anonymous said...

I will protest the arrest of Legal Immigrants. NOT illegal ones.

1. Prohibited by law.
2. Prohibited by official rules: an illegal pass in football.
3. Unacceptable to or not performable by a computer: an illegal operation.
An illegal immigrant.

the PLAZOID said...

we know all about your laws!

they are chains for the poor
mere cobwebs for the rich!

no one is illegal!

Nick Bravo said...

Tad, don't you have a dumpster to go eat out of?

Anonymous said...

Nick, don't you have some old man's cock to go suck for your lunch money?

Anonymous said...

Do you notice any of these right-wing racists getting uptight about the unguarded Canadian border? They only seem to be worried about Mexicans.....

Anonymous said...

Actually Canada's border isn't as "unguarded" as it used to be. Now you need a passport to enter and its a big deal. I guess they got tired of all the Americans crossing over and never going home.

Anonymous said...

Im not rich. But I WORK for my food and shelter.
Laws are what we build a society upon. (Yes, there have always been those that are 'privledged' & thumb their noses, probably always will be.)

BUT-If you dont like that system, then dont take part in it!

Plenty of empty land in Northern Canada- no one would bug you there.

Mexico will be empty soon too.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Canada needs to build a wall on their southern border to keep all of those jobless Americans out.

Carrie Sha.... said...

Would anyone like to help me start a Day Labor Center in Arcata run by and for the immigrant community? Supporting the Immigrant Community in Arcata is a group recently founded that needs support, if you want to volunteer your time to help start it up please give me an email at
My name's Carrie and no matter what category people want to place us in we are all humans, so lets spread the support. Thanks
Much Love