Thursday, May 3, 2007

Homeless Rally, March, Speak to Council

Yesterday , the People Project held a rally and then marched in the streets through Arcata, ending up at the City Hall. I will write about last night's City Council meeting later, as I need to collect my thoughts and get to today's noon press conference.


biome said...

power, wisdom and life

hey recon...

link up with ashland

sister cities...
one people
one movement

-luck, skill, blessings

Anonymous said...

Harmony Groves needs to be removed from office. We need to recruit a strong Green woman candidate to replace her next year.

the PLAZOID said...

we don't need the "office"...we need strong community.

Anonymous said...

We need you to join us on April 21, Tuesday at 2pm on the Capital Steps for the RALLY !

Safe Ground Homeless Rally
April 21, 2009, Tuesday, 2 pm
Sacramento California State Capital

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